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Halloumi Cheese


Halloumi is particularly suitable for grilled or fried, as the cheese gets a crispy and delicious crust, the taste becomes even more characteristic. The cheese has a high melting point, which means that it keeps its shape when grilled or fried.

Halloumi is perfect in sandwiches, satay, together with cold or hot vegetables.

Halloumi Menu

– Sandwich
– Burger
– Pizza
– Satay
– Halloumi with vegetable salad

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Halloumi: You should grill this cheese

The protein-rich halloumi cheese can actually replace meat on the grill! An ancient Cypriot specialty that is becoming increasingly popular in Thailand.

Halloumi is an unripe solid white cheese with a mild and slightly salty taste (also known as cheese bacon).

Did you know?

Halloumi is an ancient specialty!

The word ” halumi” itself is derived from the Coptic word for cheese, halum . When it is usually associated with Cyprus, it is because it was popularized within the “Byzantine Empire” precisely as a Cypriot specialty.

How to grill halloumi

The consistency of halloumi is a bit rubbery, and it melts very late. But do not be intimidated, it is good to chew and after a round on the grill it gets a delicious crispy crust. All you have to do is cut centimeter-thick slices of halloumi that you brush with oil or butter (for rich aroma) and let fry on the grill until they are fine and golden. Remember to serve halloumi while it is still hot, that is – straight from the grill.

Keep refrigerated. Once opened, consume within 3 days and by date

Halloumi Cheese (Cow Milk), vegetable rennet, Salt.