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Cream Cheese


Made with fresh milk, The Cheese Baron Cream Cheese has distinct fresh and creamy taste, makes it a delicious soft cheese for the whole family to enjoy. Perfect for baking your NY cheesecake or spreading it on crispy bread or cracker. Rich in protein and probiotics, low lactose content. Suitable for vegetarian!

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Cream cheese is a very simple product that consists only of milk, Probiotics, and salt.

The milk is mixed with salt and heated till the right fermentation temperature.Then the lactic culture is added, which causes the milk to sour. After this, the fermented milk is naturally strained for 48 hours till gets the perfect texture.

The main use of the cheeses is on bread, cheesecakes, sauces, salad. Try on crispy bread with smoked salmon!

Keep refrigerated, once opened consume within 5 days.

Fresh Milk, active probiotics cultures, salt.