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Ghee (Clarified Butter)


Ghee, also called clarified butter or shredded butter, has a distinct nutty taste and is widely used in Indian cooking. The advantages of using ghee are that it consists almost exclusively of saturated fat, which is well suited for frying at high temperatures because saturated fats do not oxidize as easily as unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

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Ghee – Pure gold in cooking!

Ghee is suitable for cooking, baking, and frying. It does not turn dark when heated and allows frying at high temperatures.

People who are sensitive to dairy products can in some cases use ghee as a substitute for butter because it does not contain any milk protein, howeverthere may be small residues of milk protein in the finished product.

During slow heating, milk protein and fat are separated. What is then used is only the transparent liquid, ie the fat which consists of one hundred percent butter oil.

We usually use ghee in several different ways, partly we use it when frying but also in smoothies, for popcorn, a big click on oatmeal and have discovered that it is very suitable when making truffles.

The long shelf life comes from the fact that the fat is now 100 percent pure without protein, sugar and water, which make up a large part of ordinary butter. Bacteria thrive in moisture and there is not a drop left.

Ghee for common ailments

  • Constipation and sluggish stomach. take 2 tablespoons of ghee in warm milk/rice milk in the evening before going to bed.
  • Dry skin. 1 tablespoon ghee in food a day.
  • Dry mucous membranes of the nose, headache, and fatigue. Snort a drop of ghee in each nostril in the morning when you wake up.
  • Burning sensation in hands and feet. Massage body parts with ghee.
  • Migraine, for the freshness of mind and memory . 2 drops of ghee in the nostrils in case of discomfort.
  • Strong stress. During stress, the body burns a lot of fat and can easily burn out. 1 tablespoon ghee in the food a day lubricates in a healthy way. Remove all forms of fried foods, also avoid too much olive oil under stress.

Although we recommend you refrigerate your ghee after opening, it is fine to keep it unrefrigerated as long as you go through it within a few months. Ghee is very durable and it lasts a couple of months in the fridge.

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