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Greek Yogurt


Our Greek yogurt has a smooth, mild, and creamy taste and thick creamy texture.  It goes perfectly with fresh desserts and eating as it is with fruit and berries or with honey and nuts as a simple dessert. It also works as cooking yogurt in cold stir-fries and sauces, preferably in combination with some sour seasoning such as lime or lemon.

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Healthy, slightly sourer than the Turkish yogurt, and with a slightly firmer consistency. Perfect for breakfast and snacks, as well as for cold dishes and desserts. The yogurt is made according to a Greek original recipe and contains more protein than Turkish and Russian yogurt. The protein not only gives the yogurt its specific consistency but is also the reason why The Cheese Baron Greek yogurt goes so well with tzatziki and other stir-fried vegetables, fruit, and berries. This is because the protein absorbs the liquid that is formed.

Fresh sour

The natural acidity of Greek yogurt makes it perfect as a base in dishes that in themselves contain acid and where you want a slightly firmer consistency. It also fits extra well in desserts, cake fillings, and sweet creams, where it adds both refreshing acidity and firmer texture.

Creamy but still lean

Greek yogurt is a good alternative to fatter products such as sour cream and mayonnaise, especially when you want a slightly firmer consistency. For example, try replacing some of the grated cheese with Greek yogurt when you gratinate, and you will get an equally good, but slightly narrower result.

Keep refrigerated, once opened consume within 5 days.

Fresh Milk, active probiotics cultures